AEO Self-Assessment Questionnaire

29 Oct 2021
Ryszard Kluska

During the implementation of the AEO requirements, one of the most common problems is the incorrect completion of the Enterprise Self-Assessment Questionnaire. Correct and accurate completion of it can significantly speed up and streamline the procedure for granting the AEO status. A very important element in the process of preparing for the audit of representatives of the Customs Chamber is the AEO self-assessment questionnaire. It contains a list of requirements related to international standards and good practices that the entrepreneur should respond to in order to obtain a positive assessment by the auditors. The questions contained in the document often cause problems and finding documents describing a given area is very time-consuming. Blue Energy consultants have the necessary knowledge that will solve any disputed situation. The practical approach to the implementation of the requirements enables the effective completion of the Questionnaire in a manner ensuring self-assessment. The prepared risk analysis methodology ensures that the necessary substantive input is obtained, which will be used when answering the questions.

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