BPM Proposals for the management board

Processing applications for the Management Board, managing them and computerization of the process of the management board meeting is a challenge for many organizations struggling with the need to make quick decisions. The pandemic situation made the automation and digitization of work a challenge for many organizations.

The BPM application A request for a Management Board meeting has been facilitating work in the entire process of handling requests for a Management Board meeting in several of the largest companies in Poland for years.

The system automates the stage of submitting applications to the Management Board Office, giving opinions and approval by the Management Board Office. Using the module, the Management Board Office prepares the meeting (agenda, list of applications, additional information). The next stage is conducting the meeting, voting, summing up and closing the meeting with generating a report.

All documentation and the course of the meeting is in electronic form and is supervised in the BPM system.

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Submission of the application

The entire workflow of the application process for a Management Board meeting is a fully configurable process at the implementation stage. The system is perfect for organizations with an extensive organizational structure, multi-branch capital groups and holdings. The administrator determines, together with the Blue Energy implementation team, the path to accept and approve applications as well as the course of the meeting and voting. The operation of the system supports the user during the process of entering data into the application based on a dedicated electronic form. The system ensures transparency and completeness of data, and after filling in the basic information, the application can be sent for review or approval.

Acceptance of the application

The approval process depends on the client’s needs and the internally adopted scheme for dealing with requests for a Management Board meeting. They can go through a number of approvals: superiors, persons responsible from the Management Board Office for the analysis of applications or Members of the Management Board. For organizations where the regulations specify the method of approving applications and signing documents in a traditional way, we provide the option of signing documents for a Management Board meeting with a qualified electronic signature or in a classic way (after printing the document in advance). The system includes a template for printing the request for a meeting of the Management Board with the possibility of adapting it to the needs of the organization. After approving the application, we support the persons handling the applications from the Management Board Office in the subsequent stages of the process.

What are the possibilities of the system after entering and accepting the application?
  • Possibility to redirect applications for re-analysis at each stage of the process.
  • Until the beginning of the meeting of the Management Board, it allows to add attachments and notify selected persons until the beginning of the meeting of the Management Board.
  • Preparation of the agenda with a list of motions for the Management Board meeting.
  • Online commencement of the Management Board meeting.
  • Notifications of applicants about the status of the application immediately after the end of the Management Board meeting.
  • Support for the reporting process during the Management Board meeting.
  • Preparation of a dedicated minutes of the meeting.

Agenda, meeting, voting, reporting

Persons authorized to handle requests for a Management Board meeting have access to a number of specially prepared tabs.

You can easily view applications broken down into:

  • Archival applications,
  • Future applications,
  • Applications accepted.

From among the approved applications, the user selects those that will be considered at the next meeting.
The application includes the possibility of developing the government’s agenda by indicating the order of work, assigning motions and people invited to the meeting and entitled to vote, and indicating the procedure in which decisions are made.

The authorized persons have the opportunity to read the agenda and documents in electronic form, and after the start of the meeting, the system generates tasks for all members of the Management Board, enabling them to make decisions on individual applications. The system also manages the agenda during the meeting, and after closing the meeting, it generates a summary as well as ready minutes.

All data is saved and archived while ensuring the principles of confidentiality, availability, integrity and accountability of documents and voting.

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Service implementation process
Identification of the main problems. Adaptation of the application process for the Management Board in accordance with the established course in the organization.
Preparation of configuration and definition of system roles.
Adjustment of printouts of reports and minutes for a Management Board meeting.
Conducting training for the office of the Management Board.
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