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BPM Training and Tests

Personal data protection, information security, environmental protection, health and safety, are just some of the areas in which our clients try to transfer knowledge and improve the competences of their employees on an ongoing basis and in a safe way. This issue, especially in the era of remote work and for organizations with a dispersed structure, is a significant challenge. Guided by the principle to work smart, not hard, we designed BPM Training and Tests. A platform that allows you to easily and effectively carry out trainings that may (but do not have to) end with a test. Interactive dashboards will allow you to verify the training progress and interpret its effectiveness on an ongoing basis.

When designing the system, we remembered that it would enable:

  • intuitive building of training courses on any subject;
  • flexible selection of the target group (person, role, organizational unit);
  • monitoring progress and checking results online;
  • random selection of questions and the order of answers in the test;
  • access to completed trainings with their details for employees;
  • generating reports and giving statistics.

BPM Szkolenia i Ty is an excellent supplement to other system modules:


– BPM Information security

– BPM Business Continuity


Database of questions

The system allows you to build a database of questions that can be used to build tests during the training configuration. The questions are always related to the areas (e.g. GDPR, environmental protection, health and safety), which can be created independently on the basis of the dictionary. Once configured, the question can be used any number of times, by different people and in different training sessions. During the test, the system will display the answers to the questions to each of the users in a random order, so as to hinder possible unfair practices.

Defining the training

During the process of defining the training, we indicate its name, the area it concerns, attach the training material, select the database of questions, define the pass threshold and it’s ready. Once configured, the training can be used any number of times. When defining the training, the system will allow us not only to add any number of questions, which will then be displayed to the user, but also to determine the number of randomly selected questions from the added pool the test should consist of. By using this functionality, we can be sure that 2 users will not receive the same test.

Provide a training

Conducting the training is nothing more than defining its target group and the date by which users are to complete it. We can define the target group on the basis of the role defined in the system, organizational structure (e.g. directing the training to a specific department) or name participants. After approving the configuration, an e-mail will be sent to the participants with a link to the system. The platform has the ability to configure reminders about the need to conduct training, e.g. “X” days before the test pass deadline, users who did not complete the test will be sent an e-mail reminder.

Results and statistics

The person ordering the training can track its progress on an ongoing basis thanks to the use of interactive dashboards. With their use it will be, among others she knew how many people had already completed the training, which questions were the most problematic, and what was the average of the results. The system also automatically builds a list of people participating in the training along with its result, which can be exported to an Excel file with one click. Each user also has the opportunity to view all glazing and tests in which he participated, along with their results and training material.

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Service implementation process
Installing the system on the customer's environment, or making it available when purchasing the system in the SaaS service.
Supplying the system with data and implementing the organizational structure.
Assigning roles and responsibilities in the BPM Szkolenia i Tests platform.
Ongoing maintenance and updating.
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