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Every successful organization has a solid foundation based on organizational structure, business plan, human capital and business experience. Success is built on consistency in action and commitment to all of the above, and implementing a strong cyber security architecture is no exception. Dynamic growth requires creating new areas of activity, constantly expanding potential by building new channels of communication, services or product sales. On the other hand, the ever-growing cyber threat space and new regulatory requirements are increasingly challenging for both small and global organizations.

Cybersecurity architecture is security processes linked to protecion systems and human capital that harnesses the potential of security. The architecture defines the structure, rules and functionality of the infrastructure. Cyber security architecture is also how the various components of a cyber system are organized, synchronized and integrated. Security architecture helps locate technical and organizational safeguards, leading to an adequate level of security.

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Most common mistakes in securing ICT infrastructure

Organizations wishing to secure their data invest tens or hundreds of thousands of zlotys in protecion systems. Often these investments are detached and not part of a security plan. Sometimes there are never effective and complete implementations of protection systems, e.g. due to technological mismatches, lack of adequate executive capacity among IT or security personnel. It also happens that protection systems are inadequately scaled to the importance of the information processed by organizations. We also continue to see problems with covering specific areas of security, that is, being selective in securing specific parts of the ICT network, or other IT assets. This approach leads to easy circumvention of expensive and demanding security measures by cybercriminals.

Why build a security architecture?

Security architecture is a plan dedicated to each organization for maintaining an adequate level of security for the entire environment or a selected part of it (e.g., applications or parts of the ICT network). This approach enables comprehensive safeguarding of those assets that are important, both through the implementation of appropriate protection systems and organizational processes to ensure effectiveness. Thus, the architecture allows not only to work out savings in the budget, but also will ensure that all areas of security of the ICT infrastructure and the information processed in it are covered.

How to develop a security architecture?
  1. Let’s get to know the environment – the development of the architecture starts with understanding the context and determining the importance of the various components of the ICT infrastructure, business processes, or the information processed in them.
  2. Let’s model the risks and analyze the risks – knowledge of the dots. Exposure to certain cyber-security threats, and dot. information security or business continuity risks allows the security model to be tailored to the organization’s real needs. This stage produces vectors of potential attacks and risks that need to be managed.
  3. Let’s construct the security areas – at this stage, the design and architecture of the security services are created. The study is structured to help protect the organization’s assets, facilitate the achievement of goals and minimize risk exposure. The study provides a heuristic approach to areas, technological compatibility of the proposed security features, integration into the organization’s functioning business processes, and a security plan that identifies the next steps leading to the target security level.
  4. Monitoring – it is important to Monitoring the implementation itself, as well as to continuously improve the prepared safeguards. In addition, care should be taken at this stage to study the security impact on the organization and its ICT systems.

Our experience will give you peace of mind

Our specialists’ years of practice, heuristic and comprehensive approach to security issues, and BLUE Energy’s interdisciplinary team are your advantages in confronting cyber criminals. We create security architecture designs by understanding the organization’s problems, as well as technical or budgetary constraints. Our goal is to construct a security mechanism that is relevant to your organization’s needs. Experience in management systems will make it possible not to base the security model only on technical protection systems, but also to secure appropriate organizational processes, meet regulatory requirements and prepare the organization for maintenance, monitoring and development of security systems.

The process of carrying out the service
Inventory, audit, environmental analysis
Vulnerability analysis, threats and risk assessment
Implementation of the project proper
Monitoring and improvement
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