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Every successful organization has a solid foundation based on organizational structure, business plan, human capital and business experience. Success is built on consistency in action and the involvement of all of the above elements, and the implementation of a strong cybersecurity architecture is no exception. Dynamic development requires the creation of new areas of activity, constant expansion of potential by building new communication channels, services or product sales. On the other hand, the ever-growing space of cyber threats and new legal requirements pose an ever greater challenge for both small and global organizations.

The cybersecurity architecture is security processes associated with protection systems and human capital that uses the security potential. Architecture defines the structure, principles and functionality of the infrastructure. The cybersecurity architecture is also the way in which the various components of a cybersecurity system are organized, synchronized and integrated. The security architecture helps to locate technical and organizational security measures, leading to an adequate level of security.

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The most common mistakes in securing the ICT infrastructure

Organizations wanting to protect their data invest tens or hundreds of thousands of zlotys in protection systems. Often these investments are out of context and are not part of a safety plan. It happens that there is never an effective and complete implementation of protection systems, e.g. due to technological mismatch, lack of appropriate execution potential among IT staff or security. It also happens that protection systems are not properly scaled in relation to the importance of information processed by organizations. We are also still seeing problems with covering individual security areas, i.e. selective approach to securing individual parts of the ICT network or other IT assets. This approach makes it easy for cybercriminals to bypass expensive and demanding security measures.

Why is it worth building a security architecture?

Security architecture is a plan dedicated to each organization to maintain an adequate level of security of the entire environment or a selected part of it (e.g. an application or part of an ICT network). This approach enables comprehensive protection of those assets that are important, both through the implementation of appropriate protection systems and organizational processes ensuring effectiveness. Architecture allows not only to generate savings in the budget, but also to ensure coverage of all security areas of the ICT infrastructure and the information processed in it.

  1. Let’s get to know the environment – architecture development begins with understanding the context and determining the importance of individual components of the ICT infrastructure, business processes, or information processed in them.
  2. Let’s model the threats and analyze the risk – knowledge about exposure to specific cybersecurity threats, as well as about information security risks or business continuity allows you to adjust the security model to the real needs of the organization. This stage creates vectors of potential attacks and risks that need to be managed.
  3. Let’s construct security areas – at this stage, the design and architecture of security services are created. The study is structured in such a way as to help protect the assets of the organization, facilitate the achievement of goals and minimize risk exposure. The study provides a heuristic approach to the areas, technological compliance of the proposed security measures, integration into the business processes functioning in the organization and a security plan, which defines the next steps of activities leading to the achievement of the target security level.
  4. Monitoring and improvement – to ensure the highest possible effectiveness of the security architecture, it is important to supervise the implementation itself, as well as constantly improve the prepared security measures. Additionally, at this stage, it is important to study the impact of security on the organization and its ICT systems.

Our experience will allow you to sleep peacefully

Years of practice of our specialists, a heuristic and comprehensive approach to security issues, as well as the interdisciplinary team of BLUE Energy are your advantages when confronting cybercriminals. We create security architecture projects understanding the problems of the organization, as well as technical and budget constraints. Our goal is to construct a security mechanism that will be adequate to the needs of your organization. Experience in the field of management systems will allow not to base the security model only on technical protection systems, but also to secure appropriate organizational processes, meet regulatory requirements and prepare the organization for the maintenance, monitoring and development of security systems.

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