BPM Resolutions

BPM Resolutions is a document management tool supporting the creation of resolutions based on templates. The joint work on the resolution form has not been so comprehensively supported by the IT system, and the connection between documents and change management so intuitive.

As part of the module, it is possible to submit a draft resolution, which will be entered in the register. From the register of resolutions (of the Management Board, Supervisory Board, General Meeting, etc.), the operator indicates the resolutions for a given date of the meeting. Selected documents are generated in the form of active templates and distributed to appropriate users. The system has the ability to indicate relations between resolutions along with an indication of replacing paragraphs and connections. After approval of the resolution and indication of the distribution list, the resolution is stored in the document library and made available for inspection to the persons indicated in the distribution list. It is also possible to withdraw already invalid resolutions by using the “delete resolution” function. At the same time, the system will inform all employees about the revocation of the resolution.

BPM of the Resolution cooperates with other modules of the BPM platform, such as:

  • Opinion
  • Motions for the Management Board and Supervisory Board
  • Document library
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Module implementation process
Preparation of terminology and a resolution template / template, in accordance with the client's needs.
Preparation of document registers in accordance with the type of resolutions created.
System implementation and user training.
Supplying the system with up-to-date documents and connections.
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