Security Operation Center – 24h

01 Oct 2021
Ryszard Kluska

SOCThe guys, because unfortunately we don’t have girls in SOC (yet), they work continuously. Their huge monitors are only turned off when guests or auditors arrive (to ensure the confidentiality of operations). They sit in a safe room on comfortable armchairs and look at monitors. Only the coffee machine accompanies them 24 hours a day.

Our model of cooperation with clients is different, as we try to adapt the service to the needs of clients, but most often it is:

  • SOC 24h full – 24 hours of monitoring and 24 hours of response
  • SOC Business Day – monitoring and response within the agreed time window
  • SOC 24h small – 24 hours of monitoring and response within the agreed time window
  • 24h NIGHT – 24 hours of proactive actions to manage network security

The scope of the service itself also differs. The number of monitored objects, the range of reactions, additional pentests, and honeypots depends on your needs.

As the number of clients grows, we develop our team. Development also takes place through training and gaining experience through workshops and projects.

Remember SOC Blue energy is not sleeping! He is watching! 🙂

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