The contractor requires an AEO authorization from us

25 Oct 2021
Ryszard Kluska

Are you starting to receive more and more questions from your contractors / customers / suppliers about having an AEO permit? It is a necessary condition to maintain / establish cooperation? Do you have a specific deadline for obtaining the certificate? Blue Energy consultants will help in obtaining it. Having the status of an AEO Authorized Economic Operator is a privilege to be included in the group of business entities recognized as reliable partners. It is the free market that forces the necessity of continuous improvement of security related to the supply chain. We have often carried out implementation projects as a matter of urgency, because there was a need to obtain a certificate within a certain time. We have many years of experience and knowledge that allows us to minimize the time needed to prepare the organization for the audit of the customs authorities. We have successfully prepared both large enterprises and companies with several employees for certification. We have worked with business entities representing all parts of the supply chain: producer, exporter, freight forwarder, warehouse keeper, agent. customs, carrier and importer

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