We wanted a comprehensive BCMS according to ISO 22301 and it didn’t work out

02 Nov 2021
Ryszard Kluska

Many of our clients do not know how to go about it, or make mistakes at the implementation stage. The implementation of BCMS is a comprehensive service covering the full implementation of the standard requirements, from internal audit to preparing the client for the system certification process by an independent unit. As part of the project:

  • we carry out an initial audit,
  • we conduct BIA analysis,
  • we perform business continuity risk assessments,
  • we develop comprehensive SZCD documentation,
  • we develop a Business Continuity Plan,
  • we prepare emergency and recovery procedures,
  • we plan and perform BCMS tests,
  • we carry out activities necessary for the certification process.

It is very important for the organization to effectively verify whether the implemented security measures and business continuity procedures will allow to maintain an acceptable level of key processes in the event of an incident. Business continuity tests are also an excellent method of verifying the behavior of employees, assessing their awareness and ability to use emergency and recovery procedures. As part of the performance of the business continuity testing service, Blue Energy Experts: – select the most effective test methods, – prepare test scenarios with the customer’s representatives, – participate in test implementation as test moderators and observers, – develop documentation of business continuity tests containing recommendations for improvement actions.

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