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Companies are trying to keep up with hackers and technology becomes more and more global, so the role of a penetration tester has never been more necessary. New vulnerabilities appear faster than the fixes we already know about.

Penetration testing is a practical study of the security of an IT system. The audit consists in conducting a controlled attack on the IT infrastructure, thanks to which the client receives a real assessment of the infrastructure security condition, indicating security gaps that can be used to compromise the security.

The service provides the Client with knowledge about the level of system security, including the analysis of detected security gaps. The knowledge and experience of our experts allows us to precisely formulate technical recommendations, allowing for the removal of threats and optimization of security implementation costs.

Our services are a configurable package (tests of WiFi networks, OT / SCADA automation systems, web applications, critical infrastructure, etc.) of penetration tests for those companies that really want to know if they are safe. The testing goes beyond the standard methodology, based only on automated tools, using OSINT, Dark Web violation data, social engineering techniques, and extensive knowledge to exploit vulnerabilities at the application and network layers.

For each of the above-mentioned groups, there is a separate tab presenting the register with information on individual assets. Each asset has its own metric, or as it is commonly used in property management methodologies – a passport. The passport allows you to describe a number of features that relate to it, from the name, category, manufacturer, location, responsible for operation, to the warranty or service. The system also enables the description of planned actions or events related to this component (e.g. service dates, inspection, validation, etc.).

Types of tests

  • black box – with zero knowledge of the system, to the greatest extent reflects the actual knowledge of the potential attacker and the course of the attack itself,
  • gray box – a compromise between the black box and the white box, containing elements of both approaches, e.g. using user accounts with different permissions,
  • white box – with full knowledge of the tested system, with full access to project documentation, source code, configuration of network devices, etc.
Pentesty testy penetracyjne
Why is it worth testing?

In 2015, Ponemon Institute conducted a data breach cost study that surveyed 350 organizations from 11 different countries that experienced a data breach. Almost half of these violations (47%) were the result of a malicious attack, and the rest happened due to system crashes and human error.
The main reason why penetration testing is critical to the security of an organization is that it helps staff learn how to deal with any type of intrusion by a malicious entity. Penetration testing serves as a way to check whether an organization’s security policy is actually effective. They serve as a kind of fire drills for the organization.

Penetration testing can also provide solutions that will help an organization not only prevent and detect attackers, but also effectively remove such intruders from the system.

Reduce the number of errors

Penetration test reports can also help developers make fewer errors. When programmers understand exactly how the attacker attacked the application, operating system, or other software they helped develop, they will be more involved in learning about security and less likely to make similar mistakes in the future.


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Service implementation process
Defining the attack vector and indicating the methods of conducting the audit
Development of a dedicated test scenario with a checklist
Performing automatic and manual tests
Data analysis and report preparation
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